ITS System Overview


The ITS System philosophy is based on the belief that the most practical and effective means of helping the young is by developing their character, health and welfare through sports.


Our youth must be prepared, trained and educated physically and mentally. A sound body houses a sound mind and spirit. Athletic competition builds strong leadership quality that is essential to good citizenship.


The ITS development policy is to create an environment that will build on existing level of skills that instill discipline, foster good habits and internalize proper values. Every student of the game will be encouraged to learn from experience, study, work and maintain good health. Their past will be considered as merely a stepping stone to future achievements and thus we emphasize on what is to be done in the "now".


Importance shall be given to the program's role in the "local community life". It aims to give a chance for local juniors to have quality tennis and sports education together with family education to the value of sports, children and family life. The program is structured wherein children may start as recreational juniors and finish as performance players and at the same time organized in an appropriate competitive structure for "interested" young athletes.


The International Tennis School (ITS) System is a collection of training units to facilitate the development of tennis players. It embodies a progressive instructional program that recognizes the different phases of an individual's playing experience. 


Complementary to the existing methods of modern teaching prescribing a wide range of technical and tactical creativity, ITS System is aimed at expanding awareness and understanding to help speed up an athlete’s development while retaining every player's individuality as they perfect their own styles.


International Tennis School System is based on: a) Experience in the fields of international competition; b) Ideas from coaches around the world – past and present; c) Thorough knowledge of physical education; d) Principles of teaching and learning; and e) Research in Sports Science.


The ITS Curriculum


ITS provides a specially designed curriculum that aims to teach in fun and challenging manner while addressing the student's social and total development. The teaching program is a practical step-by-step personalized method of instruction that encourages overall fitness, wholesome fun while underscoring the value of "athletes first, winning second"

The Scholar Athlete


ITS Program promotes the ideals of the "Scholar-Athlete" where academic excellence is valued as much as athletic prowess in the sport. Uppermost in the development agenda is to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle without negating the various facets of human development.


 The ITS Faculty


The coaching staff follows a code of ethics that adheres to the principles of sportsmanship, proper decorum and conscientious work. Their main purpose is to ensure a safe and significant sporting experience for all players resulting in a happy, healthy human being.


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  • Auth (Saturday, November 17 12 04:22 am EST)

    / I am a competitive iujnor tennis player and I train everyday for at least three hours. In terms of fitness and conditioning there is not too much equipment we use. Do alot of running, long distance
    (at lease 1 and a half to two miles) and if you have acces to a track or a field of some sort do some sprints and short distance bursts. We also use hand weights (about 10 pounds usually) and we do a
    number of different exercises with them. A medicine ball is essential especially if you have someone to toss it with. Toss it back and forth like you are hitting your strokes, also throw in some
    other toss types. Always be sure to stretch regualrly, tennis uses most body parts making pulling something a fairly easy task. We use rubber resistance bands for both our arms and legs, and last but
    not least we use a wooden box that we jump on and off of (works your legs out). I hope this helps and good luck! Keep playing tennis it is the best sport out there! You can play it for your entire