Love for fun, games and 'free play'

The International Tennis School's KIDs 10s program introduces the new format for children ages five to ten years old. The format is tailor-fitted where kids can start playing immediately even if they haven't picked-up a racket before.


Since most kids love team competition, it is aimed to stress the importance of play and team games. The net height is adjusted and the balls used are easier to control giving young players immediate sense of control as they keep the ball more in play. Studies suggest that if young children are immersed in a welcoming environment that allow for multiple play opportunities, enjoyment is enhanced.

KIDs 10s is designed to provide children the necessary friendly equipment at the very start of their sporting experience. Kids are fascinated by seeing the ball bounce back and forth over the net together with a partner.


Keeping the ball in play as long as they can is a primary challenge attainable when appropriate sizes of nets, rackets and balls are made available to them. 


Sessions are specifically conducted for ages 5-7 and 8-10 years old according to their physical, mental, and also social development levels. The children learn and practice through constant play with others, thus also developing the necessary social skills of cooperation, fairness, and consideration to others.

Learning through play

 ITS' KIDs 10s' method of teaching is based on the principle of nature and nurture, a child's growth with proper activities through unhurried time while learning through play as advocated by 18th Swiss philosophers Jacques Rousseau and Johann Pestalozzi:


   “The foundation should be organic, meaning that intellectual, moral and physical education (or in Pestalozzi's words, development of “head, heart and body”) should be integrated and the education should draw upon the faculties or “self-power” inherent in human beings.


    "Training should be literally the drawing-out of this self-power, a development of abilities through activity; -- in the physical field by encouraging manual work and exercises, in the moral field by stimulating moral actions, and in the intellectual field by eliciting the correct use of the senses in observing concrete things accurately and making judgments upon them. Words, ideas, practices and morals have meaning only when related to concrete things."


The program is “child-centered” not subject centered where there is emphasis on object lessons that acquaint the young with realities of life. The development of skills is emphasized, not for their own sake, but in connection with intellectual and moral growth.


The activities strive to learn the nature of the child in order to determine the details of his training. This means that the stages of training must be related to the stages of youth development. ITS program gives the child a positive experience through sport training which can also be used as a spring-board for future activities of interest. There is evidence that well-rounded sports-leisure programs and inclusive facilities correlate to improved academic performance. Sports enhance personal ability, general health and self-knowledge while contributing to economic and social growth as well as improve public health.

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  • Diario (Friday, September 07 12 09:10 am EDT)

    how funny would it be if we ended up starting a swiss-miss tinens group out of all of this!i can see it now semi-regular tinens meet-ups for the next year and then, suddenly a swiss-miss all-star
    tinens team that takes on other design houses and creative agencies in the city followed by accolades and glory, wtih a trip to the french open years down the road, when our offspring have inherited
    our roles and taken it to a new level.

  • Juanita (Wednesday, September 05 12 12:40 am EDT)

    aights mate here's a practice we do to help with metnal toughness get a group of friends (preferably playing partners) get them to gather around the courtside when you're playing another friend the
    group's job would be to hurl abuses, cheer, jeer, and try their best to irritate you from courtside your opponents job would be to play his best and the crowd will continue to cheer you're opponent
    lets just see how you can hold up under the pressure of being booed and jeered against tips -regardless of winning/losing the point, forget the last point the last point is no longer relevant you're
    playing a new one now-always take a deep breath in between points to ease yourself-if ur about to lose it keep a tune in ur head just sing it to yourself to calm down cheers mate

  • Lina (Sunday, September 02 12 12:16 am EDT)

    Boy that ralely helps me the heck out.