Lorenzo Sison

Youth Development Officer

Born in Basel, Switzerland, Lorenzo Sison was team captain of the Christopher Newport University Captains tennis team for three years where he was named to the All-USA South Athletic Conference teams. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications 2011.


An all-around athlete, Lorenzo also played junior basketball league and soccer in Lucerne, Switzerland. Already having leadership qualities as a 15-year old guard, he was named team captain of his Basketball 18 & under division team before transferring to and leading Jamestown High School tennis team in Virginia to State honors. 

Possessing a high-level of fitness and agility, the quick-footed Lorenzo was proclaimed by his teammates as the “player most likely to get the ball back”. Lorenzo is a multiple-recipient of “Sportsmanship Award”/s. His most prized sporting experience as a student was when he was named “Camper of the Week” in 2003 at the University of California in  Sta. Cruz by renowned coach Bob Hansen, director of one of the most successful Nike Tennis Camps in America organized by US Sports Camps.


Lorenzo’s enviable childhood experiences include serving as a ball-boy during the finals in 1998 ATP Super-Series Stuttgart Classic between Wimbledon champs Pete Sampras and Richard Krajicek. Then-11-year old, Lorenzo also served on tennis greats Andre Agassi, Boris Becker and Michael Chang, among others, in Germany and Kitzbuhel, Austria.

Lorenzo’s experience in playing and assistant-coaching include competing in the ITF Pro Circuit in Asia; in California as assistant under former ATP Tour top 50 player Mike Bauer in Harbor Point, Alameda; and in Virginia under Brent Hughes in Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg.


Responsible for researching and designing fitness-based development programs, Lorenzo will be providing a big boost in imparting proper values to aspiring children and young athletes – on and off the sporting fields.


Program Overview by Lorenzo Sison

Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg Va

My training plan is an integrated program to help tennis players improve their overall endurance to meet the demands of a physically challenging game. Sound body houses a sound mind. Being physically fit also improves mental toughness and work habits. Players are required to have both aerobic and anaerobic endurance, agility, explosive strength, speed and flexibility.  These qualities are prerequisites to raising a player’s performance standards technically, physically, and psychologically which results in fun, enjoyment and satisfaction with the game we love to play.

On- and off-court game-based anaerobic exercises will be performed simulating match-play in both duration and intensity.  Actual tennis matches are based on repetitive moderate to high-intensity activity lasting an average between 3 to 10 seconds per point with 25-seconds rest intervals (90 during changeovers).  Importance is underscored for players to acquire power for each point rally with every shot maintained at a high level.  Aerobic endurance training will aim for a player to sustain a high-level of work-rate simulating a match that may last between 40 minutes to several hours.


Ultimately, we want to prevent injuries so we can play and compete more often, and for tournament players overall winning may not be as significant as the value and satisfaction gained from self-improvement. Read more...